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Move First, Think Later Sense and Nonsense in Improving Your Chess by IM Willy Hendriks

Nuevo título anunciado por la editorial newinchess. En esta ocasión el IM Willy Hendriks y experimentado entrenador presenta numerosos ejercicios para la mejora en ajedrez. Todo ello en un entorno sobre el potencial y últimos avances en el funcionamiento de nuestro cerebro, la elección de jugadas candidatas, de reflexión sobre sentido o no de las jugadas, el talento, el tiempo aplicado en la elección de jugadas, la planificación...
Una vez más como sucede con los títulos de la editorial newinchess existe un retraso de dos meses en la disponibilidad de este título, aunque pueda actualizarse en cualquier momento para su envío inmediato lo cual os notificaré. Lo mejor su precio como siempre...

Información oficial:

The chess instruction establishment claims that all you need to do is concentrate on the characteristics of a position. Stick to some rules of thumb and good moves will pop up more or less automatically.

But that is not how it works, finds International Master Willy Hendriks. Chess players, both weak and strong, don’t first make a plan before looking at candidate moves. Trial and error is a very common and in fact highly effective way to get to the best move.

In his journey into the chess-playing mind, Hendriks uses recent scientific insights in the working of our brain. He raises a number of intriguing questions:

• Can you, too (whether you are talented or not), become a grandmaster?
• Why does a chess trainer’s advice often sound like a horoscope?
• Can you find strong moves by ticking off a to-do list?
• Is it possible to reach master level without ever making a plan?

Presents a wealth of valuable, no-nonsense training material. In this refreshing, entertaining and highly instructive book, Willy Hendriks shows how you can travel light on the road to chess improvement!

International Master Willy Hendriks (1966) has been working as a chess trainer for over 25 years. Inspired by recent developments in the cognitive sciences, he challenges the conventional wisdom in chess instruction.

Steve Giddins, author of 50 Ways to Win at Chess:
“What a fantastic book! I have not enjoyed reading an instructional book so much in years. I was laughing out loud throughout, because it is very witty, but it is also a really important instructional volume.” 

Pincha aquí para ver toda la información oficial de este libro.

Junio 2012, 256pg, precio de venta oficial: 21,95€ + gastos de envío.

Cómpralo directamente pinchando en la fotografía con gastos de envío incluidos a un precio que seguro te sorprenderá.

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