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Modern Chess Preparation Getting Ready for Your Opponent in the Information Age by Vladimir Tukmakov

El mes de agosto suele ser más tranquilo editorilamente, pero en breve tendremos a nuesta a disposición un nuevo título de la editorial newinchess por el que siento especial curiosidad, dada la temática que aborda, el como afrontar la preparación en esta sociedad de la información. El que el autor sea el veterano, experto y admirado por mi parte el GM Tukmakov, es otro punto de expetación para este título... Me quedo con esta reseña de la información oficial con la estoy totalmente de acuerdo: " Los jugadores del club, por otro lado, deben reducir su tiempo en frente del ordenador a un mínimo. Tukmakov explica lo que los aficionados deben hacer para llegar al tablero bien armados: estudio de los clásicos, analizar tus propias partidas sin necesidad de ordenador, y conócete a ti mismo"

Información oficial:
Winning starts with planning before the game, teaches legendary chess coach Vladimir Tukmakov. In this ground-breaking book he shows how chess preparation has become a systematic process and how today’s top players make their game plans.
The most important aim of modern preparation, both for professionals and for ambitious amateurs, is to get a playable position that you understand better than your opponent.
The role of the computer in preparation has grown tremendously and Tukmakov explains how top grandmasters use their ‘Metal Friend’. He warns that professionals should not put too much trust in chess engines and should analyse more deeply themselves.

Club players, on the other hand, should reduce their time in front of the machine to a minimum. Tukmakov explains what amateurs should do in order to arrive at the board well-armed: study the classics, analyse your own games without a computer, and know yourself.

A special chapter is devoted to must-win situations: when the outcome of a tournament, a match or even a whole life depends on a single game.

With lots of brilliant examples, inside information and amusing anecdotes, Modern Chess Preparation is not only highly instructive, but also a joy to read.
“Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent, and having a sober awareness of your own shortcomings, will pay dividends at any level, from beginners up to World Champions.”
A former Ukrainian champion, Grandmaster Vladimir Tukmakov (born 1946 in Odessa) won many tournaments and came second in three Soviet championships. After his active career he became an esteemed chess coach. He was non-playing captain of the Ukraine team that won gold at the 36th Chess Olympiad in Calvia, 2004.

Agosto 2012, 288pg, precio de venta oficial: 23,95€ + gastos de envío.

Cómpralo directamente pinchando en la fotografía con gastos de envío incluidos a un precio que seguro te sorprenderá.

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