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Amateur to IM: Proven Ideas and Training Methods by Jonathan Hawkins

La original editorial americana Moongose Press nos presenta nuevos títulos muy interesantes. Uno de ello es este libro del IM  Jonathan Hawkins y su rápido ascenso en un corto espacio de tiempo. En este libro nos muestra sus métodos de entrenamiento e ideas a través de varias lecciones muy enfocadas en los finales como punto de mejora. Puedes ver el amplio pdf que aporta la editorial para hacerte una idea de este libro. (pdf informativo)

Información oficial:
International Master Jonathan Hawkins was a relatively slow starter in the world of chess.Learning the game at the age of eight, he was a keen junior who won a number of local tournaments. But by his own admission, ‘by the time I was in my mid-teens my age-to-playing-strength ratio was distinctly average.’

He started to study chess very seriously in his late teens and achieved a rapid rise through the ranks. He became a FIDE Master in 2008 and earned the title of International Master in 2010. 2011 brought Jonathan two Grandmaster norms. One of them was earned at the super-strong British Championship, in which he outscored numerous Grandmasters to share third place.
How did Jonathan Hawkins manage to go from being an average tournament competitor to a player on the brink of clinching the Grandmaster title? It took just three years for him to become a FIDE Master, an International Master and to achieve his first two Grandmaster norms.
The secret was knowing what to study and how to learn as efficiently as possible. Focusing his attention firmly on the endgame, Jonathan devised a number of building blocks and identified a number of very important areas of study. The result of his hard work was a meteoric rise through the ranks, as he became firmly established as a prominent GM killer on the English tournament circuit.
These pages reveal the secrets of his notebooks for the first time. IM Hawkins presents special material aimed to help you become a much better practical player, one armed with a deeper understanding of key aspects of chess.
A careful study of the lessons presented in this book should enable the chess student to gain a significant improvement in both performance and rating.

Noviembre 2012, 372pg, precio de venta oficial: 22,95€ + gastos de envío.

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domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012

Chess puzzles for kids by GM Murray Chandler

El GM Murray Chandler es el especialista por excelencia en literatura para principiantes con su libro superventas de referencia para la enseñanza "Como ganar a tu papá al ajedrez", y esta vez vuelve con un libro actual con ejemplos recientes no dejando nada al azahar, presentando un completo compendio de 100 problemas diseñados para desarrollar las habilidades de los niños y de todo aquel que se quiera adentrar en el mundo del ajedrez, usando un formato innovador donde cada problema es precedido de un ejemplo instructivo, mostrando un importante motivo. Destacar el formato en tapa dura y un precio muy competitivo para aprender de un verdadero profesional...

Información oficial

This chess puzzle super-challenge contains 100 fun positions to solve, ranging from encouragingly easy to mind-numbingly hard. Using an innovative format, every puzzle is preceded by an instructive example, illustrating an important pattern.
Each puzzle has been graded to suit a wide range of chess abilities. Beginners or younger readers will enjoy reading the basic warm-up exercises. The more experienced can wrestle with some classic puzzles, whilst at the same time learning of typical themes and killer concepts.
The final challenging chapters - Mission Impossible - are guaranteed to torment and inspire the most talented of future champions!
Chess is recognized in many countries as a useful tool for developing creative thinking in children. Chess Puzzles for Kids will quickly enable children to enjoy using their new-found skills to outwit friends and relatives.

Octubre 2012, 128pg, precio de venta oficial: 13,50 € + gastos de envío

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jueves, 18 de octubre de 2012

The Greatest Ever Chess Strategies by Sam Collins

Un nuevo libro dedicado a la mejora estratégica en ajedrez de la mano del experto IM Sam Collins por la factoría everymanchess. De entrada me parecía un título más, pero visto el pdf que aporta la editorial (este tipo de detalles, como los vídeos, formatos en tapa dura,interacción... en fin todo lo que es "marketing relacional" es algo de lo que deberían tomar nota las editoriales españolas) parece realmente un libro interesante y trabajado que seguro que aporta valor añadido a cualquier ajedrecista. Me gusta el comentario totalmente lógico del campeón del mundo Anand en la introducción del libro y los ejemplos que muestra el IM Sam Collins pues ayudan a convertir este trabajo en un título sugerente....

Información oficial

Do you instinctively know what to do in every type of chess position or are you often uncertain about how to proceed?
Wouldn’t it be really useful to know the best chess strategies and to recognise when they should be used?
IIn this book Sam Collins examines key games from both the classical and modern eras. He analyses the major strategic ideas that have stood the test of time and notes their considerable influence on his own games. Studying classic examples from great players allows us to create a personal library of standard ideas. This helps us recognize key positions, making it easier to determine the most effective ways to attack and defend. Crucially, it helps us find the right path much more quickly than we would by relying on calculation alone.
  • An essential guide to chess strategy
  • Covers opening, middlegame and endgame play
  • Ideal for players of all levels
Pincha aquí para ver toda la información oficial de este libro.

Octubre 2012, 176pg, precio de venta oficial: 19,95€ + gastos de envío.

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lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

The Dynamic Benko Gambit An Attacking Repertoire for Black by Sergey Kasparov

Después de competir con relativo éxito en el fantástico open sub2300 de Calvia (Palma de Mallorca), alcanzando el subcampeonato retomo el hilo del blog con un nuevo título para los jugadores de ataque con negras por excelencia, dedicado al gambito benko. El libro viene avalado por su éxito en la edición rusa y detrás de está el experimentado gran maestro Sergey Kasparov. Podeis ver la calidad de la obra en el pdf informativo que aporta la editorial. La única mala noticia es que no estará disponible hasta dentro de 2 meses para su envío, salvo sorpresa, como nos pasa por desgracía con los títulos de la editorial newinchess....

Información oficial:
The Benko Gambit is a great opening for those who like aggressive chess. Black sacrifices a pawn for active play on the queen¬side and his initiative often continues into the endgame. That’s why the opening is very popular among club players, but also World Champions such as Veselin Topalov, Vishy Anand and Garry Kasparov have played the Benko.

Sergey Kasparov has practiced the Benko Gambit himself for many years. He knows all the subtleties of Black’s and White’s plans in detail. In lively, personal and highly instructive prose he presents a complete repertoire, with many new concepts, for Black.

Kasparov helps the reader to get a firm grip on this opening. He does not present endless computer variations but concentrates on ideas and concepts. After studying The Dynamic Benko Gambit, amateurs as well as professionals will be much more dangerous attackers!

Grandmaster Sergey Kasparov (1968) was born in Baku, AzeRbaijan, and now lives in Belarus. He has won many tournaments throughout the world and is a regular contributor to the New In Chess Yearbooks. 

Octubre 2012, 320pg, precio de venta oficial: 28,95€ + gastos de envío. 

Cómpralo directamente pinchando en la fotografía con gastos de envío incluidos a un precio que seguro te sorprenderá.
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