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The Complete Chess Workout 2 Another 1200 Puzzles to Train your Brain! by Richard Palliser

Nuevo libro del experto escritor, el MI Richard Palliser ya disponible para su envio de la editorial everymanchess con nada menos que 1200 problemas de ajedrez donde todos los temas tácticos de cualquier fase del juego quedan al descubierto y han sido chequeados con el ordenador  para no dejar nada al azahar...

Información oficial:

It’s time to start your chess training!
This is the eagerly awaited follow-up to The Complete Chess Workout, Richard Palliser’s highly acclaimed chess puzzle book. Now he presents the reader with 1200 new puzzles, every one checked for accuracy by the latest computer engines.
All top chess players agree that to keep your tactical muscles in shape it’s imperative to continue training, and the easiest and most fun way to do this is by performing tactical exercises. Even solving a few puzzles for ten minutes each day can be of the utmost benefit for the aspiring player.
Just as in his first book, Palliser provides something for players of all levels: a huge number of basic tactics – forks, pins, skewers and checkmates – to appeal to beginners and improvers, and many brain-teasers that will tax even the strongest of players. All the important tactical themes are covered, while there are special sections on opening traps and endgames. Work your way through this book, and unleash your enhanced tactical powers on future opponents!

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336pg, noviembre 2012, precio de venta oficial: 24,95€ + gastos de envío.

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